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About CraftAir

CraftAir really is...

Revolutionising website design and development

CraftAir was developed as a cost-effective, time-sensitive web solution based on the hugely popular Craft CMS platform.

Designed to be your seamless solution for establishing a robust online presence. Tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, CraftAir ensures that venturing into the online world is cost-effective, hassle-free and on-brand.

CraftAir presents three unique tiers that cater to all business and website requirements. Whether you're kickstarting your online presence or aiming for an upgrade, we offer a flight class that suits your aspirations.

  • Economy: Ideal for startups navigating a budget-conscious flight path
  • Premium Economy: A sophisticated step up for those craving a bit more
  • Business Class: Tailored features designed to elevate growing enterprises

No matter your chosen tier, we handle everything for you. Our pricing includes professional copywriting and seamless content input. Choose your colour palette and preferred header and footer design, and provide your brand logo and fonts. It's as straightforward as that!

We are a Craft-certified partner with over 10 years of experience working with Craft.

The team

Who is behind CraftAir?

At S. Group, we've been building websites for years. During that time, we've observed the need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses that don't necessarily require a fully bespoke website. Enter CraftAir – our brainchild born out of the desire to streamline the website development process.

CraftAir is the result of our commitment to providing businesses with a solution that doesn't compromise on quality but is tailored for those seeking a more straightforward and budget-friendly option.

We understand that not every business needs a fully customised site, and CraftAir is our answer to making web development more accessible and efficient for everyone.

With CraftAir, we've distilled our years of experience into a platform that offers the right balance of functionality, flexibility, and affordability. It's our way of simplifying the website building journey for businesses like yours, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective online presence without sacrificing quality.

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Can I update the site?

Craft CMS was designed to make the back-end navigation easy

We will set up your site for you, but we still want you to feel confident and comfortable to adjust when needed.

Craft's intuitive and user-friendly system empowers users and administrators to manage and update website content effortlessly. Unlike many other CMS platforms, Craft doesn't impose a predetermined content structure. Instead, it grants you the freedom to define your content fields and structures to align with your specific requirements.

With over 150,000 sites built on Craft CMS and endorsements from major global brands such as Netflix, Adidas, Ikea, and Volkswagen, Craft CMS has established itself as a trusted choice for those seeking a secure, customisable, high-performing web solution.

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